Kottayam Central Council

Kottayam Central Council, The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul is located in the State of Kerala , a part of Southern India. The council comes under National Council of India www.ssvpindia.org which is part of the General Council, International Confederation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul http://en.ssvpglobal.org/. Also a member of "The Vincentian Family" incorporates all the associations founded by St. Vincent de Paul or inspired by his mission http://famvin.org/en/about/.

(24/04/1581 - 27/09/1660)
Saint Vincent de Paul

(23/04/1813 - 08/09/1853)
Blessed Frederick Ozanam
SSVP Founded on 23/09/1833

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an international organization of Roman Catholic lay men and women of all ages, whose primary mission is to help the poor and less fortunate. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was founded in 1833 by eight men who wanted to create an organization dedicated to helping those impoverished people living in Paris, France. The primary figure behind the Society's founding was Blessed Frederick Ozanam, a French lawyer, author, and professor in the Sorbonne. He was 20 years old in the year the Society was founded.
source: (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_of_Saint_Vincent_de_Paul)


Above is the international Logo of our Society approved by the International Council General, representing a sign of unity of the Society, for the use all over the World by Councils and Conferences. The International Logo is a necessity for all members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. It is a symbol of membership to the same Movement, united by the same Rule. It must appear on every Official document produced by Councils and Conferences of the S.S.V.P.


- The Fish is the symbol of Christianity and in this case represents the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

- The eye of the Fish is the vigilant eye of God seeking out to help the poor and underprivileged in our midst.

- The crossing at the tail or a tie-knot represents unity and oneness among members and also in union with the poor.

- The loop (round circle) signifies the global or worldwide stature of the SSVP, an international Society.

The Anagram : S.S.V.P.
No other abbreviation is to be used. Even though SVP, SDVP, SVPS, or other may be the right abbreviation in different National Languages.